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Burhan Kesapli
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When it comes to changing the current operator on a customer the mobile number must have the same MEX connection in the Lynes system as it has in the operators.

    • Log in as a super admin on the organization
    • Click on SETTINGS_GEAR.svg followed by the organization name
    • Under phone system, choose operator configurations
    • Click set up operator
    • Select the right operators and set the activation time. The activation time must match the time the customers numbers will go live
    • Additional information applies for some carriers, please check here before you continue.
    • The new operator is now created
    • Don’t delete the old one yet, wait until all the numbers have been transferred to the new one
    • Select the old operator, i.e., the one you are changing from
    • Click on one of the numbers under connected number
    • Change it to the new one under operator
    • Click save
    • Repeat step 1-4 on all the numbers until all numbers are gone from the list connected numbers
  • Fallback billing ID is the number that will be billed if a user, Answer Group, IVR, or a number is missing billing ID. This is the number you get from the operator and it's usually the main number

    • 1. Click on the new operator
    • 2. Add a fallback billing ID

    The system will   not allow calls to be made without a fallback billing ID.

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