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Who has access to Wallboard?

  • Users with the Wallboard permission or Admin role can purchase the wallboard add-on service.
  • All users in an organization with the Wallboard permission or Admin role can manage the wallboard.

Open Wallboard

  • Click SETTINGS GEAR.svg select your organization and expand the list WALLBOARD WHITE.svg Wallboards.

General Information

  • Our Wallboard, designed for answer groups, includes customizable metrics, and the option to select one or several answer groups and offers both dark and light modes for visual preference. Additionally, it provides various visual scale options to suit different display needs. Via the generated URL you can display it at an external screen of your choice.

  • Anyone with the Wallboard permission or Admin role can manage and configure the service to their liking.

  • Follow the guide.

    You need the account permission to be able to purchase add-on services.

How to Use Wallboards

  1. Click on SETTINGS GEAR.svg select your organization and expand the list with WALLBOARD WHITE.svg for Wallboards.
  2. Click on ADD SQUARE.svg to create a Wallboard.
  3. Choose either "Multiple answer groups (AG)" or "One answer group (AG)".
  4. Name your Wallboard.
  5. Select which AG's you want to include.
  6. Choose which metrics should be displayed for the AG. If you've chosen "One answer group", you can also add agent metrics.
  7. Choose the language for the Wallboard.
  8. Decide if the Wallboard should use a light or dark theme.
  9. Choose an avatar. Here you can decide which icon or picture should be displayed, or if you prefer to use only the company logo.
  10. Set the desired display scale. The default setting is 100%.
  11. Choose an animation style for when the numbers are updated.
  12. Copy the link to the Wallboard.
  13. Click Save.

The Wallboard link can be used in multiple places at the same time and is compatible with most browsers.

Wallboard Templates

    • Answer Group, multi - metrics: Select multiple answer groups and metrics to display on a wallboard.
    • Answer Group, single - detailed: Select one answer group and metrics to display comprehensive information about both the group and its agents.
    • Answer Group, single - leaderboard: In addition to the metrics of the answer group and its agents, this also displays a leaderboard within the group.

    Only logged-in agents will be displayed on a wallboard.

    • Users - metrics: Showcase selected users' combined and individual metrics.
    • Users - leaderboard: Showcase selected users' individual metrics and a leaderboard that ranks them.

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