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Who has access to callback?

  • Users with the Phone System permission or higher can purchase the callback add-on.
  • All users in an organization with the Phone System permission can manage the callback service.

Open callback

  • Click on VERTICAL ELIPSIS.svg choose edit answer group and then on callback.

General Information

  • The feature allows a user to choose to be called back instead of staying on hold in a phone queue.

  • Anyone with the Phone System permission can activate, deactivate, and configure the service according to their preferences.

  • Follow the guide.

    You need the account permission to be able to purchase add-on services.

How to use callback

  1. Click on VERTICAL ELIPSIS.svg Edit answer group and then on Callback.
  2. If you lack the license, you can purchase it directly from here if you have the right permissions. If you have purchased the license, you can Toggle ON.svg to Activate Callback on the answer group.
  3. Choose whether you want automatic callback or manual.
  4. Set the maximum wait time. With this setting, Callback calls in the queue will automatically be removed and considered missed when the time is exceeded.
  5. Activate WAIT TIME to get a notification when a callback call has waited in the queue longer than the specified time.
  6. Toggle ON.svg to send an automatic confirmation SMS to the customer when they have requested a callback. The message sent to the customer can also be customized.
  7. Set instructions for the caller.
  8. Set the message that the agent hears before the callback call begins.
  9. Choose which display number should be used when calling back on callback calls.
  10. Click Save.

The difference between automatic and manual callback

  • With the automatic callback function, the system will automatically initiate a call to the agents when it is the customer's turn. Before the call to the customer starts, the agent will hear a voice message.
    1. Add agents to handle the callback calls
    2. Choose Ring Strategy
    3. Set the maximum wait time. Calls that exceed the maximum wait time will be removed from the queue and considered missed.
    • Callback calls are logged with a special icon. When a callback call has been handled, it's marked as followed up in the statistics.

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