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Burhan Kesapli
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Release notes 2.0 

  • Update live: 2023-12-05
  • Platforms: All

What’s new?

  • The 'Analytics Explore' and 'Call Log Search' features now have a dedicated main tab, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

    We've introduced additional query parameters in the 'Explore' section, allowing for more tailored data analysis. These include options to specify workdays, hours, predefined periods, and the ability to exclude early cancel calls from statistics.

    • Agent Stats: Detailed statistics for agents within specific Answer Groups are now available, including a leaderboard and various metrics to track performance.
    • User Stats: Similar to Agent Stats, User Stats also offer a leaderboard and metrics, providing a comprehensive view of user performance.
    • Excel Export: Users can now export their data to Excel for further analysis and reporting, enhancing the versatility of our analytics tool.
  • It’s now possible to select different display numbers based on external or internal calls. Possible to customize in activity statuses as well.

  • Send video conference invite via ongoing call as sms, email or a chat message. Extra useful for cases where you need to share screen with external parties.

  • Added option to share a call log as SMS, option to add message to the included call log with multiple receivers possible.

  • New integration available via Insights. More info coming soon.

  • New integration that enables external system to fetch call recordings from the app. Including meta-data about the call.


  • Introducing the new 'Automatic Answer Group Callback' feature! This experimental addition allows callers to opt for a callback instead of waiting in the queue.

    Callers simply provide their phone number, and agents in the 'Callback' agent group will treat these requests like regular incoming calls. This feature aims to enhance customer experience by reducing wait times and streamlining communication.

    Activated under: Edit answer group → Call Handling → Callback

  • When active, failed transfers (unanswered calls) will return to the answer group queue as a VIP call.

    This call will then be prioritised in the queue and distributed to agents according to set ring strategy.

    Activated under: Edit answer group → Call Handling → Direct Transfer & VIP calls 

  • The experimental Entra ID Sync feature is here, allowing for user synchronization with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory).

    This update includes customizable group and field settings, along with notification preferences for events channel and email. Users have the flexibility to opt for auto-sync or rely on notifications for sync updates.

    Activated under: Organization Settings -> Users & Teams -> Entra ID

  • With this new feature, you can receive instant notifications when a specific user becomes available. Simply select a user to be notified when they are available.

    Activated under: Personal Settings → Look & Feel → Experimental → Monitor busy lines state

  • Enhanced with interactive options, this feature now allows you to respond directly to situations where no agents are available. You can choose to either take the call yourself or redirect it to another agent, all within the notification toast.

    Activated under: Edit Agent Group → No Agents Available → Experimental: Interactive alert

  • Introducing the experimental Wallboard feature, designed for answer groups. It includes customizable selected metrics, and offers both dark and light modes for visual preference. Additionally, it provides various visual scale options to suit different display needs.

    Created under: Organization Settings → Wallboards → Create Wallboard

Fixes & changes

    • Fix DTMF not working when using Opus.
    • Reject calls which are unable to reach the end user’s mobile phone due to Max-Forwards limit being reached (”483 Too Many Hops”)
    • A call participant can now leave the call while another number is being called without ending the call.
    • Rewrite of the virtual background pipeline. Uses webGI, two different models for segmentation available, one lightweight and one with better quality (only available on systems with high end GPU), better blur mode, and better performance overall
    • A better system for detecting and acting on problems in video conferences
    • Fixed a problem when multiple users joined a conference at the exact same time and ended up on different servers
    • Send chat message directly when pressing enter on external keyboard
    • Autofocus chat input if external keyboard is connected
    • Workaround for weird behavior in chat input on iOS 17 where a word would not jump up a row if last characters was erased
    • Lost state for contact settings updated
    • Updated payload for more detailed information from device imported contacts
    • Made the left panel wider on large screens
    • Added French, German and Polish TTS-voices
    • Added OpenAI TTS-voices as beta
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to save an organization without a name
    • Fixed issue in answer group dashboard that caused filter settings to get reset
    • Fixed issue with add-ons marked as unavailable on pbx package still being purchasable
    • HubSpot: Added so the app displays related tickets in contact page

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